GAMENANA eliminates the middleman by providing both the seller and buyer a platform to connect, buy, sell and offer trades on new & pre-owned video games and gaming accessories.
GAMENANA is free. Download the mobile app for both the iPhone and Android.
GAMENANA Connect is our free subscription plan. Users can snap their games, select a price, and Sell for free. Buyers will use the chat and trade feature to connect with the seller, arrange to meet up & sell/buy their games directly.
The GN Pro Marketplace can be used to purchase new video games and releases at discounted wholesale prices. $99 annual membership fee with free shipping on all orders (Terms & Conditions applies)
Anyone. All you need is a video game or gaming accessories, and a mobile phone to sell on GAMENANA.
With GAMENANA you can sell your new and used video games to other buyers for cash. Is your game so price it and sell it anyway you want. Snap a game with your phone, list your price, connect with the chat and make the cash.
GAMENANA Pro is a year subscription to shop in the GN Marketplace for new video games and consoles at discounted price. Members enjoy up to 60% off with free shipping which is just like the wholesale price without the store markup. Membership fee is non-refundable after purchase.
GAMENANA eliminates the middleman so video game buyers and sellers get their money worth when they trade and sell their own games. Is a FREE platform and with the Pro accounts, members enjoy wholesale prices on new video games and consoles without the retail’s store markup prices with free shipping on all orders
GAMENANA is an online gaming marketplace to sell, trade, and buy used and new video games & accessories.
To sell, simply upload an image of your product, choose a price, location, and post to sell. To buy, use the chat and trade feature to contact the seller and make an offer.
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